What Can I Do To Keep Possums Away From My Home?

Do you keep hearing thundering noises across the roof at night? In that case, you need to keep an eye out and check if there is a possum infestation. Even possums using your house as a nest for some time can lead to messy situations. Now, if you are thinking that what these small creatures can really do to cause destruction, there is a lot you don’t know. These creatures, though seemingly harmless, can cause mess and spread diseases. That is why you need to keep them away from your home.

Tips to keep possums away from your home

Under the Wildlife Act 1975, possums fall under the category of protected species. That means that it is illegal to harm, kill or replicate them. All you can do is prevent them from gaining entry to your house. Take a look at the different tips that you can follow –

1. Get rid of food and water

One of the main reasons that possums seek entry into your home is food. Another reason that makes your home appealing to them is water. If you remove the sources of food and water from your property, they will not come. It means that you have to assess the entire house and yard and make sure that the possums do not find anything to eat or drink.

2. Seal access points on the roof

Possums are active during the night when they move around to hunt. However, during the day, they tend to seek comfort in dark and cool spaces. Roof cavities become the perfect place for these possums to spend the daytime. Check your roof and make sure that there are no access points that the possums can use.

3. Install fences around the yard

It is true that possums can jump quite high. However, the maximum that they can reach is 1 meter. You need to install a special paling fence that is at least 1.5m high. That will prevent the entry of the possums into the backyard. If you already have a fence, install spikes over it to deter the possums.

4. Cover the vegetable patch

Possums find vegetable gardens especially appealing. That is why you need to make sure that your vegetable patch is covered thoroughly. You don’t want to give them another reason to make your home their own abode. Another alternative is to develop a closed space where you grow the vegetables.

5. Use chemical repellents in the garden

Another way to make sure that possums don’t re-visit your home is to use chemical repellents. These solutions are available at local hardware stores and can be used without much hassle. You can spray them over the flowerbeds, trees, houses, etc. These repellents are available under different brand names and offer similar functions.

6. Opt for the cage and bait method

You can go for the classic bait and capture method to get rid of the possums. For this, you need to use possum food such as overripe fruits, insects, etc. Keep the bait within the cage where you want to trap the possum. Make sure that you set up the trap along the travel route of the possum.

7. Choose electronic repellents

Possums are shy creatures and are easily scared. You can opt for electronic repellents to keep them away. For instance, you can install motion-activated sprinklers that will automatically start the water when movement is detected. That will surely scare the possums. Apart from this, you can also use sonic devices, lawn lights, etc.

8. Trim branches around the home

Though possums can jump up to 1 meter, they can jump down much more distance than that. They can use the branches of the trees near your house to gain entry. That is why you need to cut or trim the branches and make sure that they are nowhere near your home.

9. Use garlic profusely

One of the natural possum deterrents is garlic. Use garlic generously to keep possums away. You can spread garlic around the backyard. Moreover, you can also sprinkle garlic around trees and plants that the possums frequent. It is one of the most simple and cruelty-free ways to handle possum infestation.


These are the various tips that you can adopt to keep possums away from your home. However, for the best results, you need to get in touch with the best Possums pest removal service provider. In that case, choosing Pest Control Preston is an excellent idea. We have a team of possum removal experts who can help you out with ease. Moreover, we use harmless methods and make sure that your house is free from possum nuisance. Furthermore, you can also ask our experts for excellent preventive tips. Give us a call, and we will reach your property to offer assistance right away!